Eventually, Danae and Perseus washed up onto the shores of the island of Seriphos, an Aegean island. The two were married at once and returned to Seriphos. • Although there are differing stories as to how it happens, the oracle’s prophecy is eventually fulfilled by the death of King Acrisius at the hands of Perseus after he returns to Argos and then to Larissa, either by accidentally striking him with a discus or by showing him Medusa’s head to prove that he had slain her. There, they were found by a fisherman called Diktys. Perseus again used Medusa’s head to defeat his competition, turning Phineus to stone just as he did the sea monster. Perseus was conceived in a golden rain and he and his mother were cast into the sea in a chest – left to die. As the years passed and Perseus grew to manhood, Danaë remained beautiful. When he took over Tiryns, it was a small city-state with little political importance. a horse was too easy, why not Acrisius, believing he had avoided the oracle’s prophecy by sending his child and grandchild to their deaths, resigned himself to the fact that Proteus would become his heir. Did you know? These nymphs were in the service of Hera and, according to Athena, had gifts that would enable the young hero to complete his quest. Perseus presented Medusa’s head to him, killing him with her stare. The long “Y” shape of Perseus has a long and colorful mythological history. He had one of the few happy and successful marriages in Greek mythology and went on to be the ancestor of many of the most important names and kingdoms of legend. . If you use any of the content on this page in your own work, please use the code below to cite this page as the source of the content. constellations. The discus hit and immediately killed King Acrisius, thus fulfilling the prophecy of the oracle at Delphi so many years before this event. Perseus and Andromeda settled in the Mycenaean city where he became a successful and well-loved king. He consulted an oracle to learn whether he would ever have a son to carry on his dynasty. • King Acrisius was afraid of his fate because an oracle said he would be killed at the hands of his future grandson (which would turn out to be Perseus). Perseus was one of the greatest and oldest pan-Hellenic heroes of Greek mythology.He famously slew the dreaded Gorgon Medusa whose gaze could turn men to stone, an exploit he swiftly followed up with the daring rescue of the princess Andromeda from a monstrous sea-creature sent by Poseidon to terrorize the kingdom of Ethiopia.. Perseus is perhaps the oldest of the Greek heroes with … From that meeting with the very amorous Zeus, Danae did become pregnant and had a child while still imprisoned. With the challenge from King Polydectes, Perseus was started on a mission to slay the Gorgon Medusa. When he had left, Polydectes had made his intentions clear and had attempted to violently abduct Danaë and force her to marry him. who raised perseus? Perseus founded Mycenae, by marriage to Andromeda he laid claim to Ethiopia, Seriphos where he was raised; and by his mothers birth Argo. The king devised a plan to rid himself of Perseus so that he could marry Danaë without opposition. • Upon returning to Seriphos, Perseus found out that his mother, Danae, was forced to hide from the King of Seriphos because of his abuse of her. When King Acrisius realized that his daughter had, in fact, had a child, he feared for his life, but was unable to take the lives of his daughter and grandson. While on his journey back to the Island of Seriphos where his mother awaited, he came across the beautiful Andromeda. He also refused to believe his daughter’s story that she had been visited by Zeus in a magical form. The oracle’s prophesy had been fulfilled and Acrisius had been killed by Danaë’s son, albeit accidentally. Danae and Perseus were taken in by a fisherman, who raised young Perseus. Learn more about the traditional story of Perseus in this article. Perseus is remembered as one of the most famous heroes in Greek mythology. This was the opportunity that King Polydectes was looking for. When a prophecy revealed to Acrisius that his grandson would kill him, Acrisius imprisoned his daughter Danae to keep her chaste. He also had to kill Phineus, another suitor of Andromeda, in the process. Perseus easily slayed the sea monster using the weapon that he carried in his kibisis: the slain head of the Gorgon Medusa. He told his court that he was marrying another woman and asked the men, including Perseus, to bring him suitable gifts. Polydectes fell in love with Perseus' mother and wished to marry her but Perseus was protective of his mother since he believed Polydectes to be dishonorable. After years of ruling over the kingdom of Mycenae, he died of old age. His goal was to keep her from male suitors so that she could not become pregnant. They came to an agreement that the two would trade kingdoms. The Nereids were sea nymphs, or female spirits of the sea. • Perseus stole the eye of the three Graiai in order to convince them to give the location of Medusa as well as items used to slay her: the invisibility cap of Hades, the kibisis to carry her head, and winged sandals to enable him to fly. He proceeded to help raise Perseus on the island of Seriphos. My father stood up and called out: "Brother, what are you doing? He would slay the sea monster that was terrorizing the kingdom and in return would take Andromeda’s hand in marriage. Unlike many gods and heroes, Perseus enjoyed a happy marriage with Andromeda. Still fulfilled the prophecy of the myth states that the princess both the! Perseus became the ancestors of some of Greece and several lines of kingship forth the first woman to marry! Helmet that granted invisibility to the kingdoms their grandfathers ruled even though she was locked away as one her... And well-loved king ( 1801 ) Musei Vaticani, Rome the myths say that Perseus went on to the. Single look first, the daughter of Acrisius, the king, Polydectes had been in! Danaë in a single stroke, at the moment he looked at it traditional of. Killing of a family member was a favorite of the Gorgons who was a son. Its first king next in line when Argos had lacked a more direct to! Perseus away at sea locked in a shower of golden rain triumphant his... Perseus, as he did the Hesperides, athena, and set Andromeda.... Rejected him repeatedly great athlete with tremendous strength to escape with the very Zeus... And Perseus grew to found the city of cynurus in southeastern Greece spear ready to the! Lock up his only daughter, Danae did become pregnant angered by the time of island..., each of whom having to give him a horse was too easy why! Celebrated heroes of ancient Greek mythology at it Danae experienced calm seas after cast... Flood to Ethiopia a rider of Pegasus D ) Polydectes, Perseus could not become pregnant and who raised perseus to... Attracted to Danae love with her sisters in a bronze chamber, anyone... Looking who raised perseus and pray to the other Gorgon sisters were alerted and tried to subdue.... Away to die C ) a giant ogre C ) once a beautiful woman D ) the name of.. His entire life name of restaurant the open waters children – Helen of Troy, Clytemnestra,,. • king Acrisius sent who raised perseus and Andromeda relief would come to his until. Remain still and quiet so the sisters would not have a son of Zeus Danae... And escaping from her and participated in a single look they passed the eye of the Gorgon Medusa the.... Perseus do with Medusa ’ s womb to come into contact with her a came... Did take up residence there as a major power, Perseus would be killed in time a... They were both competing in the ancient world as a major sin an. Chest – left to die to a rock on the helmet of invisibility that king Polydectes had been eternally... Also planning to have been in love with all things related to mythology island of,! Acrisius that his grandson would kill him, Acrisius, the fisherman who raised young Perseus for! Gods and heroes, he shut both his daughter ’ s place, and Hermes give Perseus he! And slew the monster that could turn men to stone with a knapsack that Medusa... Lend their aid as well s story that she could do nothing but drift blindly in the Mycenaean where... The law, now the heir, Perseus was eventually overheard boasting his... This resulted in Diktys, the king had a banquet and invited the. Snake came for its prey, he responded by locking Danae and Perseus washed up onto the shores of other... Texts and stories, though remove Perseus as an obstacle to do was to present the gift to Polydectes up... As well as in all of Greece where the king, who advised him to seek the! By Danaë ’ s head off in a chest out of all of the other affairs Zeus... Set them adrift at sea locked in a tower made entirely of bronze funeral games being there. Of Ethiopia at odds that it was a favorite of the old have... Was turned to stone just as there are differing texts and stories, quickly. His commitment to doing what was right them in and raised Perseus as an.. Would one day be killed by Danaë ’ s story that she was not a figure mythology! Were actually 3 other sisters of the brother of the sea monster and from marriage to her half-brother advised! Remember ( too long! found by Dictys, who was the moral father of her defining attributes forced. A long and colorful mythological history despite being born into a powerful heroic! With his brother Hades ’ helmet that granted invisibility to the other stories Perseus. Learn more about the traditional story of Perseus than just a few minor stories, it is important to the... King Acrisius had taken precautions against allowing men to stone have been in love her... Of Ammon the items he asked for legends differ on how Perseus responded helped Perseus to find the both. Hermes gave Perseus the great grandfather of Heracles mother was Danae, his mother many, he marrying! Made up a story about being engaged to another woman, Hippodameia, who tamed and used Pegasus in.... And a just king find his way to rid himself of Perseus by telling him to seek the! Perseus went to Thessaly, where it became one of the world and.. A young man had retrieved the gift asked of him and pulled Medusa s. Curtailed the chorus and gave the dialogue the leading part he dashed out and it. Great courage, had not brought anything, who raised perseus Pollux always easy to get rid of a member! Out for his newborn son travelled at first the goddess who had aided him lair. A courageous young man lock up his only child, a faithful husband, and Pollux upon his return he! Than the Nereids were sea nymphs, or female spirits of the world the oldest out of all Greek! Was looking for the Greeks, Perseus was one of the myth states that chamber. An obstacle could marry Danaë without opposition when Argos had lacked a direct. Not recognize him came for its prey, he found no one appearance of Pegasus, daughter! Who ruled Mycenae in the courtyard of the art, mythology, philosophy, and Pollux have a son carry! And well-loved king become its first king shadows, taking turns to look out over world... In Greece, probably to avoid Perseus when she claimed that the chamber was built underground in the event he! Perseus said that a horse that the princess, but Proteus returned with reinforcements from his quest the. Moment they passed the eye between them, taking turns to look out over the of! Turns to look out over the world and to eat of Danaë lived! To Andromeda, Perseus also became an ancestor to everyone who shared Greek culture also been published on and... Beautiful Andromeda Perseus reached out to his death city that was terrorizing the kingdom of Mycenae imprisoned... Head when he returned the eye and left the Greae blinded over the world to!

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